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Sandra Joy Friesenpianist

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Welcome to my music studio in which everyone can learn the language of music and play the piano! I love to teach piano to all ages through to senior levels of performance and pedagogy, young adults preparing for entrance to a college or university music program, as well as adults and senior citizens.



Commitment and Philosophy:


My commitment is to creating a healthy and rewarding learning environment. My philosophy embraces a comprehensive approach to teaching the music language - understanding it through feeling (clapping, stepping, dancing), singing (solfa, absolutes, rhythm syllables, sing counting), listening/aural skill (recognition of intervals and chords, playing by ear), reading and writing (theoretical books and activities), and of course, playing the piano. Playing the piano requires learning the fundamentals of good hand position, developing strong and sensitive fingers, acquiring the knowledge of the many and varies musical styles from as early as the 1600s to the present, and an enthusiastic dedication to practice and play time in the home between lessons in the studio. I am dedicated to the musical development of each student and the necessary preparations for recitals, festival participation, Royal Conservatory of Music (RCM) examinations, and for overall musical  progress and fulfillment. Students are not required to take RCM exams, these are optional.



Piano lessons include:

  • Repertoire study, performance, memorization
  • Sight-reading practice and proficiency
  • Aural training, playing by ear
  • Technical training
  • Elementary jazz and improvisation is optional
  • Styles of popular music, hymns, sacred songs are also optional

Group classes for learning and performance are included in the schedule. These are opportunities to perform and learn from peers and also to enjoy the company of musical friends. Lessons also include listening to recordings by great master performers and students are encouraged to listen on their own at home as well.



Also providing lessons/classes in the following RCM subjects:

  • Theory for Levels 1 through 8
  • Harmony for Levels 9 through ARCT
  • History for Levels 9 through ARCT



Please contact me for a complete studio policy that includes practice time expectations and suggestions, a general schedule, and fees. I will be delighted to discuss your specific desires and needs for music lessons in greater detail.




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